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Tango Mango 16 oz Candle

Tango Mango 16 oz Candle

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Orange + Mango + Grapefruit + Red Currant

Dive into an enchanting fusion of juicy grapefruit and mystical mangosteen with our Tango Mango Candle, a vibrant citrus fruit laced with the sweetness of a peach's whisper. Let your senses be invigorated by a punchy aroma that blooms into a mellifluous symphony of creamy warmth, as both fruits intertwine in a luminous dance. Ignite this captivating scent and bask in the sweet equilibrium of nature's own nectar.

This candle is infused with natural essential oils, including orange.

Our 16 OZ candles are designed for big spaces and filled with 80-100 hours of pure burning bliss! Each candle is lovingly poured in small, unique batches, infusing your space with a touch of cozy southern charm. A delightful dual-purpose treasure, it makes an exquisite gift for any special moment. Illuminate your life with our splendid 16 OZ Mason Jar Candles.

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