Fig Island 16 oz Candle

Fig Island 16 oz Candle

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Fig + Wood + Jasmine 

Indulge your senses with our Fig Island Candle - a scent that's so fresh, you'll feel like it's Spring and Summer all year round. As soon as you open the lid, you'll be greeted with the delightful aroma of green florals and leaves that transport you to a lush garden in full bloom. Then, the heart notes of fig and jasmine come in, adding a touch of fruity sweetness and a hint of floral spice that's simply irresistible.

designed for big spaces, this candle provides 80-100 hours of pure burning bliss. Each batch is lovingly poured, creating a unique and aesthetically pleasing look. A delightful dual-purpose treasure, it's the perfect gift for any special moment. Experience the warm glow and delightful scent of our 16 oz jar candle.

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